Feb 2022 Hayden’s Ferry Review (Issue #68) Poetry: “this mania”
Nov 2021 Poet Lore (Volume 116: Summer/Fall 2021) Poetry: “A Hoot in the Poem”
Aug 2021 The Rupture (Issue #114) Poetry: “applying lotion before sleep” & “You were leaving”
May 2021 Washington Square Review (Issue #46) Poetry: “No Fireworks”
Jan 2021 Barrelhouse (Issue #21) Poetry: “The Creatures of the Ocean Trenches”
June 2020 The Portland Review Fiction: “The Museum of Palpable Art”
Nov 2019 Mad Gleam Press (POSTstranger issue) Poetry: “The Man Across the Street”
Mar 2019 The Rumpus (ENOUGH series) Poetry: “Poem for Stormy Daniels”
July 2017 Origins Journal (Volume 4, Intersections) Poetry: “Mixed Marriages”
July 2017 Shooter Literary Magazine (Issue #6) Poetry: “Dot in the Dark”
June 2015 the WOMEN group Poetry: “First Warm-Blooded Fish Identified (Or, Moonfish)”
Sept 2012 Missouri Review Blog Poetry: “Untitled Barbie Sonnet”
Mar 2008 Angelingo Magazine (USC) Poetry: “Why I Am Not A Mermaid”